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Hello! My name is Alissa Apel.

I got my bachelors degree at Kansas City Art Institute, with a focus on Illustration and Design. At Savannah College of Art and Design I earned my master's degree with the emphasis on Illustration.

Different materials are incorporated into mixed media paintings for my current works. Design impacts my life daily. It is important to look at things from different perspectives, so taking photos and blogging inspires me to push forward.

I write and create step by step art techniques for kids on This is a great way for me to develop new techniques, and explore a variety of man made and natural objects.

I teach Drawing, Color and Design Theory, Art Media Techniques, Illustration, Design and Layout, and Portfolio Development. 

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Artist Statement:

I observe nature’s beauty and chaos. 

My art combines many mediums from acrylic paint, plastic, trash, vinyl, soot from a fire place, fabric, and thread for sewing. The materials and techniques are tied in with their unique concept.

The work I create encompasses both something beautiful and the act of destruction. It is important for me to bring awareness to environmental issues and injustices that are in our world. A tall, charming sunflower, with buzzing honey bees that are suffering to survive. The brilliant crow that flies through acid rain. Ocean creatures with stomaches full of plastic. Wild cats struggling to coexist with the surrounding cities. Native Americans that have their land taken away from them. All these issues enter my work. My art depicts nature’s beauty, and clashes with human injected hardship.